Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing
Number of players: Unlimited
Also known as: LMS

Last Man Standing is a user-made game on Habbo where Habbos simply stay in the game area longer than anyone else. To play, users enter the game area which is then locked, and then must remain within this area longer than their opponents. If a Habbo disconnects, gets banned, or leaves the room accidentally or because they time-out, they are out of the game.

Activity checks are completed randomly by the host to ensure that all users are still there and not using an auto-clicker to stay active. If a user fails these checks or are found to be using an auto-clicker they are disqualified.

Sometimes simple mini-games, such as Fridge Game, Banzai Escape, Don't Hit My Wall and Heaven or Hell are hosted to keep players entertained and awake. The last person to be out and still awake is the winner.

Because the game can take a long time to complete, often running for many hours at a time, the prize is usually quite big. It was hosted most of the time in Casinos before they were banned but individual users also host the game especially if they want to boost their room hosting score. Sometimes Fansites will host this event to interact more with their community by hosting and djing until the event ends. This helps to keep the players entertained and engaged.

How To Set Up

  • First create a room with multiple areas; a play area, afk seating for audience members, and an optional host area for mid-event mini games.
  • The playing area must be kept locked throughout the entirety of the event.
  • Have some mini games already set up by wired, or have Builders Club or furniture items ready to drop in the playing area.