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Number of players: 2 players

Tug-O-War was a game created by Waxs (Habbo.com (International)) which featured as the 2nd game in the Habbo Games Hub campaign. The aim of the game was to try and force an Orb onto your side via Wired furniture. The badge that could be gained by completing this game was the "gold rook" chess piece.

Gold rock badge

Once each player (2 required) had taken a seat either on the blue side or pink side, the game would begin with a 3 minute countdown via a Freeze Timer. In that space of time, each player had to rapidly click a Floor Switch in order to push the Orb in a certain direction (towards their Colour Tile). If the Orb wasn't on a Colour Tile by the end of the 3 minutes, both players would lose and be teleported to the start. If one of the players manages to overpower the other, they will win the badge!

The only tip for completing this game would be; to zoom out if a player is experiencing lagg and to stay focused.