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Number of players: Unlimited
Also known as: Add It Up
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Addition, also known as Add It Up, is a game which requires players to have good mental arithmetic skills and be quick at typing. Once all the players are seated and ready, the host who will roll the dice. The players then have to add up the three numbers and shout it out in the room. The player who answers the sum correctly either gets to choose a player to lose or receives a point, depending on which version of the game is hosted. If players are playing for points, they will need to win enough rounds to reach the points goal, usually 5-8 points, before any other player to win the game. By playing the pick to kick version, the winner of each round can choose who to lose. Therefore you will need to either avoid being selected to lose or ensure that you win each round to win.

The game can be played with either two or three dice in play. However, before the Gambling Ban in 2014, the game was often played with five dice, but the Gambling Ban placed a limit on the number of dice that would function in a room and therefore has now limited the number of dice for this game to three.

Quick Keywords

  • P2K - Pick to kick. The winner of each round may be able to choose someone else to lose.