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Silver bishop badge

Bowling is a game created by g.c.magic ( (International)) which featured as the 10th game in the Habbo Games Hub campaign. The aim of the game is to try and knock over all the Frank Trophies using a Dizziti. The badge that could be obtained from this game was the "silver bishop" chess piece.

Once a user has reached the front of the queue, they will be teleported to a gaming area containing 2 Floor Switches (from the Wired section of the catalogue). The Switch on the right controls the direction that the "ball" will go in - once it is double clicked, that direction is locked. The Switch on the left locks the ball and causes it to be "thrown". Players must try to get the Dizziti (one of the SciFi Collectibles) to strike a certain spot amongst the Frank Trophies in order to knock them all over, and thus gain a badge. Failing to do so will mean they get teleported to the back of the line.