Highway Bunny

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Highway Bunny
Gold queen badge

Highway Bunny is a game that was created by SUUD3MA (Habbo.se) and featured as the 6th room in the Habbo Games Hub campaign. The aim of the game was to ensure that the Bunnies didn't cross the border (line of Teal Rollers) in order to gain the badge. The badge you could acquire was the "gold queen" chess piece.

Once users had reached the front of the queue, they will be teleported to an area with 7 Red Rollers and 7 Wired Floor Switches mirroring 7 Bunnies and 7 Teal Rollers. The Bunnies will move forward in a random pattern and if one of them landed on a Teal Roller the player would have to run to the Floor Switch mirroring that Roller and double click it. If the player is too slow and a Bunny rolls off the Roller, then they automatically lose the game. They have 1 minute to keep all the Bunnies behind the border and if they succeed they are rewarded with a badge.

Unfortunately, due to an error with the Wired furniture the game broke and couldn't be restarted/no-one could enter the arena due to the Laser Gate being permanently closed.