Murder Mansion

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Murder Mansion
Number of players: Unlimited

Murder Mansion Is a user-made game hosted on Habbo. The game is set in a house setting with different rooms for the players to go into. Once the game starts the host will lock the rooms and pick a player out of the people playing to become the murderer and once the murderer has been picked, the murderer will whisper or pm to the host each round the name of another player that they would like to be "killed" that round. Each round, all the other players will also vote, however, they will be voting on who they think the murderer is. The murderer needs 3 votes or more before they are out. If the murderer is not out and is the last person standing, they win, but if the murderer has been found the host will pick a new murderer and the game will continue. In order to win, you must be the last person standing as the murderer or successfully vote the murderer out in the final round.

There are other versions of the game such as Ghost Train or Murder Train which are also based on the same game, but are set in a train, often utilising the Loca-motive Landscape background.

Banzai Version

Once the players have picked which room they want to go into and the rooms have been locked, either the host or a bot is used. The host or bot will go onto the banzai tile and whichever room the host or bot gets teleported to the players in that room are then out of the game, the game continues until there is only one person left standing.