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Kick Wars was an old school Habbo game, and used to be one of the most popular player-owned games on the Hotel. Unfortunately, with the removal of the 'all users have rights in room' feature, the game became tedious as the host had to give every user rights when playing, often leading to cheating and complications.

The objective of the game was to eliminate the other players (often played in 2 teams, so kicking the opposing team) by kicking them, whilst trying to avoid being kicked themselves.

Habbo Staff have also hosted the game as an official event on two ocassions. In 2012 Sulake introduced a similar, staff-run game called KickWars Galactica, held in the rooms of staff account 'Airblender'. In 2020 a KickWars event ran for one week during the Habbo 20 campaign.

How To Play


A central room is made called the 'lobby'. A teleport is placed in each section and, in the past, seats (one colour for each section) are added to accommodate the players. Each of the teleports would link to the 'playing arena', which can either consist of one or many rooms. Various furni is scattered throughout the rooms to help players. This furniture is usually themed (the recent 'KickWars Galatica is space themed').


The game is generally played individually or in teams. Users, either individually or in groups, are sent through teleporters to rooms where the 'all users have rights in room' feature was enabled. Groups are commonly used now to give users rights to rooms. The object of the game is to kick as many opponents as possible before being kicked yourself. The game ended when there was one player or one team left in the room.


Users often use Pixel Effects, specifically the ghost effect, to avoid being kicked. HC players use :chooser, which brings up a list of Habbos in the room. This makes it easier to spot an opposing team member.

Players also hide behind furni and non-linking teleports, whilst kicking the opposite team. The method is known as 'camping'.