Falling Furni

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Falling Furni
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Falling Furni, also known as "FF", is notable for being oldest and one of the most popular games on Habbo. It is played in Guest Rooms and both hosted and moderated by users, which means that rules may differ from one room to the other depending on the host. The host will drop chairs and you will have to sit on a chair as quickly as possible. The last person standing without a chair is out. When there are three people left, the remaining players get into a "tri". This requires players to form a triangle with a space in the middle for the chair. The host will drop the chair in the centre of the triangle formed, and the first one to sit on the chair is safe for the round.

Some hosts set up an auto-kick chair, sometimes referred to as "poi". When this chair is placed, players must not sit on it. Players can often be tricked into sitting it by having it placed in front of them during tense situations, for example, while forming a "tri" or "1 space".

Quick Keywords

  • Noob clicking - When a player, while taking part in a "tri" or "1 space" round, clicks back and forth into space that the furniture will be placed before it is placed.
  • Tri - When there are three players left, you will be asked to form a triangle with 1 space in the centre for the chair.
  • 1 space - When there are two players left, you will be asked to stand to face each other with 1 space between you for the chair.
  • Corners - When there are four players left in the game, you might be asked to each stand in the corner of the playing arena and the chair will be placed in the middle of the room.
  • Poi - A chair that causes anyone who sits on it to be automatically kicked from the game is referred to as "Poi".