Rock N Roll

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Rock N Roll
Number of players: Unlimited

Rock N Roll is a largely luck-based game that combines Jump The Fence and Nervous Game.

Players will run and sit on the moving rock to be teleported to another area, as with Jump The Fence, where a die awaits. This player then rolls the die to see what the outcome is, like the faster player in Nervous Game. This continues until only one player remains, and they are the winner.

Numbers And Correspondence

Here is a list to show what each number that the player rolls will correspond to.

Number Corresponding Event
1 Save - The player chooses to "Save" someone from the lobby to re-enter the game.
2 P2k - The player will pick a player to leave the game.
3 Safe next round - The player will be safe next round from p2k, attack and dead.
4 Dead - The player is out of the game.
5 Dead and P2k - The player is out of the game and must pick another player to leave the game with them.
6 Attack - The player who rolled is safe but all other players must try and avoid the moving attack items otherwise they will be out of the game.