Rare Grabber

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A Rare Grabber is sometimes classed as a Casino game and a very popular way to gamble within Habbo. There are many variations to the classic Grabber and they are definitely not like those you see in Amusement Arcades at seaside resorts.

The Game

A Habbo with 2 rolled 6s

Grabbers on Habbo take advantage of dice and although they appear to be a coordination game, they are a process of luck. Players can usually win furni and credits Grabbers.

In order to play a Grabber, players usually have to pay the host or owner, then roll two dice. The two numbers you roll correspond to a place on the game board. If a player rolled 3, 3 on their dice and there was a 'Purple Parasol' on the square then they would win that prize. The host or owner will trade the winner and give them the prize.

Grabbers are often good places for scammers to flourish. Before Sulake cracked down on scammers, many owners would scam the players - by not giving them the advertised prize. Other users will often hover in the door and pretend to be the owner, trading prospective Habbos to get the coins they are about to play with, without having rights to host that round. Players are now advised to check who they are trading with when paying or giving a prize, if they aren't the correct person then notify the host or owner at once to ensure they trade the correct person.

Habbo recently introduced new trading settings that the owner can set in their room. This includes no one can trade, only the owner can trade and everyone can trade. This would decrease and almost eliminate all door scammers, however grabbers can no longer be created on habbo due to new rules in the Habbo Way.

Unfortunately due to restrictions on the amount of dices that can be placed in the room, grabbers are not only banned from habbo but almost impossible to make with dice.