Don't Wake Grandma

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Don't Wake Grandma
Number of players: Unlimited

Don't Wake Grandma or Don't Wake Grandpa is one of the oldest User Made Games on Habbo in which users must avoid being caught being disruptive by Grandma/Grandpa by returning back to their seats before any other player after Grandma has stood up out of the bed. It is of a similar style to Musical Chairs, but unlike Musical Chairs users sometimes have the chance to save themselves after they have lost by providing a reasonable enough excuse as to why they were making so much noise. The game continues until only one player is left uncaught by Grandma i.e. the winner.

Due to the increasing use of more complex Games in Habbo involving WIRED and Banzai Teleports, the game is not hosted as frequently as it previously was before.

How To Set Up

There is no setting up needed for the regular version of this game. You will need an empty gaming arena and enough chairs for the amount of people that are playing as well as a separate area, sotosay "Bedroom", for the Grandma to sleep in.

Often preferable is the use of a Jukebox or Trax Machine to imitate a party that the players are being disruptive at (hence Grandma's awakening).

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