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Stack Attack is a type of Wired Game on Habbo and is sometimes hosted in Habbox Events. The aim of the game is to capture an opponents box by moving your box on top of/over theirs. The game is called "Stack Attack" due to the boxes being stacked upon each other once an opponent is attacked.

How To Play

Multiple users can play this game and once they are all in their designated playing zones (usually signified by Colour Tiles, four Arrow Plates or four Floor Switches) the game will begin. Boxes will appear and each user will have to move their corresponding box onto another user's box (via Floor Switches/Arrow Plates) in order to get that player out. A host can give boxes multiple lives, meaning they need to be stacked on more than once in order to be eliminated.

Two players is the usual amount required for a game, but many more players can be used.

Game Layout

Stack Attack.png

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