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Auto Run
Number of players: Unlimited

An Auto Run is a wired game that typically consists of the main entrance and multiple WIRED games. It is similar to a Carnival or Takeshi's Castle, but it is entirely automatic without a host. It tends to be more challenging, and anyone who manages to complete it will usually receive a large prize.

Every Auto Run is different, and how you play it depends on what games the owner decides to put in it. To begin with, a player should go into the Main Entrance of the Auto Run and try to get in in the line of Rollers to play. New games typically begin when five minutes have passed since the last game, and there is a full line of players ready to play.

One of the most common games used in Auto Runs is a variant of the WIRED game Snake, where you are attempting not to fall off the Rollers and pass the last Roller to win. If you fall, you either get teleported to an area in the room you cannot move or kicked out using WIRED.

Many games in an auto run are teamwork based, whereas other levels may not be.

Money Making

Although Auto Runs tend to offer out extremely large prizes and take a lot of time, effort and Credits to make, there are many techniques to make a profit out of it.

Fast Pass

A fast pass, usually done with a Group and a Group Gate, is sold by the owner of the Auto Run to make a profit. There are many variants of fast passes, with some Auto Runs selling more than one type. For example, one fast pass may cost a small amount and allow the user to skip the line. A different fast pass may cost a significant amount and allow the user to skip entire rooms and games.

Room Rights

Room rights may be sold for a substantial amount of Credits. These rights can come under different ranks, such as Room Moderators or even Co-Owner of the Auto Run.

WIRED Required

It takes thousands of Credits to make an Auto Run with both WIRED and furniture. For a video tutorial on how to wire a simple Auto Run entrance, click here