Beat The Skull

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Beat The Skull
Number of players: Unknown

Beat The Skull is a game created by Waxs ( (International)) which featured as the 11th game in the Habbo Games Hub campaign. It is based upon many other Beat the Item games (e.g. Beat the Yukka, Beat The Duck etc.). Users had the chance to acquire the "silver king" chess piece (badge) in this game.

Silver king badge

In order to gain the prize, users have to race through a mini maze which requires them to sit on a Plasto Pod every 3 steps whilst trying to ensure they are being quick enough to beat the Skull to the end. The Skull is on a separate set of Rollers and if it falls onto the Pressure Plate before the player has made it through the maze, they will be teleported to the end of the line where they can either queue up and try again or leave the room. If the player makes it to the end in time, they will receive the badge!

No tricks/cheats can be used to win the game, the only thing a player can do is to ensure that they are ready to click the next Pod the instant they sit on the previous one (in order to save time).