Beat the Item

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Beat The Item
Number of players: One
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Beat the Item is a game on Habbo. This game usually requires one player at a time and requires skill and speed. The game can be played with various objects that take up one square in Habbo rooms, due to it having to travel on Rollers. It can also be transformed into a seasonal event with alternatives such as Beat the Pumpkin or Beat the Bunny. To play, a player goes into the game area; they could either wait for the word go or begin in their own time, as sometimes the game will be automatic. They must race through the course in front of them, making sure they get to the end before the item traps them. If they do not reach the end before the item, they will have lost.

Usually, after the first win, you could opt for a prize which would normally be in the Norms category. However, if you felt lucky enough you could gamble that to attempt to win a better prize, but this usually means the owner will place the item closer to the end, e.g. one Roller closer. However, if you lose the round, you will not win the prize you initially won.

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