Chain Game

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Chain Game
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Chain Game is a type of User Made Game available to play on Habbo. The main aim of the game is to ensure you are constantly picked to be "saved" by your fellow players and to correctly answer questions. A few players tend to strongly dislike this game because favouritism appears quite often if a lot of the users have interpersonal relationships with each other. To play the game, the Host will ask a question, similar to the topics covered in a Quiz or potentially Players Choice, and the first player to answer correctly will enter a Teleporter or queue so that they're in the "safe line". They will then choose one player who they want to keep in the game and they will join the winner in the safe zone. This continues as the newest player picks someone else, like a chain, until there is one player left - this player is out.

This process is repeated until there are two people left, in which case the first person to answer correctly is the winner.

Quick Keywords

  • NB - Next Bubble. Used to indicate that the best thing the Host says will be the question.
  • PC - Player's Choice. May be used in some games to tell the players that they can choose the topic. The first topic said after this phrase will be chosen for that round.