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Takeshi's Castle (more commonly known as 'Carnival') is a user-moderated game which is comprised of many "mini-games" which you would usually spot around Habbo Hotel. It is one of the oldest user-made games on the hotel and still remains popular today.

What happens?

The usual amount of people that enter a Takeshi's Castle would be 6, but this does not apply to every situation. Some Takeshi's Castles have enough space for up to 15 players, so it is entirely the room owner's choice on how many rooms they decide to create. More rooms equals more starting players, but it does also mean more credits and furniture required!

Once users enter the maze they have to complete a series of games, such as "Scarecrow Trap" & "Dodgeball" and try to make it to the end of these games, but of course, on each level a player is lost from the game and will usually have the option of "Pay to stay", "Revenge", "Auto", "Kick" or "Watch". If a user loses a game and does not Pay to stay, perform Revenge or Auto, then they are kicked from the room and leave the game for good and the survivors will progress.

Once a user completes Takeshi's Castle (usually they will have to face someone in a quiz, have a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle or decide upon Split or Steal in the last game) they will receive a prize. This is usually furniture but it can also be Credits or Rights, thus enabling the winner to host their own game.


The main difficulty that occurs in Takeshi's Castle is the number of hosts required to run groups. If there aren't enough hosts people will start to lose interest in the game quickly and the main room may become unpopular quite quickly. Another problem that could arise would be people leaving mid-game and thus making the other players having to skip levels, which often ruins the enjoyment of the game for the host and the other players.

Common Games

The average Takeshi's Castle has 6 games, but some can have up to 12 or even more. Below is a list of common games that can be found in the "Castle":


  • Takeshi's Castle is more commonly called Carnival due to the English hotel merge. The American version (Carnival) proved to overpower the English version (Takeshi's Castle).
  • Spin-offs of Takeshi's Castle include "House of Errors" and "Lost Without A Map".