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Number of players: Unlimited
Also known as: Silent Stab
Outloud Stab
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Stab, also known as Silent Stab, Outloud Stab, or Anti-Stab, is a game that puts Habbos against each other as they try to remove each other from the game. When they're ready, the host will type "STAB", where players will then either whisper or type the username of another player to try and get them out. The first username to be said is then stabbed and will be removed from the game. This continues on until there is one person left. There are several variations to the game, but each event is somewhat similar to the base idea but with minor changes. The variations are often referred to as Outloud Stab, Silent Stab, and Anti-Stab. The difference between Outloud and Silent stab is, in the silent version of the game the players whisper the username to the Host, whereas in the out loud version the name is said out in the room for everyone to see. The Anti-Stab is played similarly to Outloud Stab, except the player must shout their own name instead of the person they want to lose. Having the player shout their own name allows the host to use Banzai Teleporters as a form of choosing who to lose if they wish.

Quick keywords

  • NB - An abbreviation for "Next Bubble". This suggests that you need to prepare yourselves, as the next time the host will speak is when they're going to say "STAB".