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Number of players: Varies

Bingo is one of the most commonly hosted games on Habbo, mainly because it's a game that relies on luck, and not one that requires much skill. This game is commonly played at fansite events and in most Habbo Carnivals. Players will sit down and there will be a lever and a number block in front of them. The host will roll a number of there own, and the players have to roll the same number as the host. When the players get the same number as the host, and say bingo to be safe. The last person to do so will be eliminated from the game.

There are other versions of the game where items are used in the place of numbers; such as Fridge Bingo, Flower Bingo and Number Races.


  • WH - Watch Hand - The host may say this when they are about to pick an item or roll a number


Before the Gambling Ban 2014, Bingo could be played with either Holodice or Dicemasters whereby the host rolls a dice and whatever number they rolled was the number which you had to get. The players usually started to roll when the host's dice was rolling too to give them that a little advantage and if their number doesn't match they continue rolling until it does. Each time a player matched the host's dice they had to say 'bingo' to ensure they have secured their place in the next round. However, not everyone can go through and usually the last person to get the number and say bingo must leave the game area and this meaning that they lost.

There were a variety of ways to play Bingo. The hosts do not have to limit the players to one dice each, and they could spice it up where the players must get the number rolled on each die before they can say "bingo". Usually, in the final round, the host may opt to make the final two players roll a whole row of dice whereby they must get the same number on each one.

Also, the host could spice up the game by having teams. Each team could have a certain number of players, but the concept stays the same. The only difference is your entire team must match the number of the hosts.

'Ban On Traditional Bingo'

When the Gambling Ban was implemented during 2014, Habbo added a limitation on how many Holodice/Dicemasters could be placed in a room. The limit was set at three dice to prevent the opening of arcades/casinos. Because of the limit, Bingo can no longer be played the traditional way in rooms, although the limitation stops full games from going ahead, it can still be played with only two/three players.