Guide The Furni

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Guide The Furni
Number of players: Unknown

Guide The Furni is a game created by Bml3388 ( (International)) which featured as the 3rd game in the Habbo Games Hub campaign. The game is similar to many challenges in Wired Mazes and involves users standing on Arrow Plates. Users had the chance to acquire the "gold knight" badge in this game!

Gold knight badge

Once players have entered the queue and reached the front, they are teleported to an area with 4 Arrow Plates (all facing different directions), a Floor Switch and a Timer. They have 30 seconds to use the Arrow Plates to move the Orb from 1 Mode Z Shelf to another whilst avoiding the Penguins. The Penguins are positioned separately in between Lodge Plinths and continuously move back and forth, thus meaning they can block the Orb's path and decrease the amount of time a player has to complete the game. If the player manages to get the Orb to the other Z Shelf in time, they must run and pull the Floor Switch in order to gain the badge. If they fail to do so, they lose the game (unfortunately, due to an error with the Wired furniture they don't get teleported back to the start). If they succeed, they win a badge and are auto kicked from the room.

A good way to succeed at this game would be to ensure that you click 1 space in front of the Arrow Plate you wish to use, and 1 space behind it in a continuous pattern. This allows players to move the Orb much quicker than usual.