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Skateboard Sticker

On 21 June 2011, the Skateboard was introduced to Habbo as a new feature, along with a new range of furniture. The Skateboard works in a similar way to Snowboarding and Ice Tag, with a slight difference. These other games supply the user with the required footwear for free, but Skateboarding requires the user to purchase a Skateboard - a Habbo will otherwise simply walk on the furni as usual. When first released, the Skateboard would cost a regular Habbo user 1 credit to use the board for an hour, whilst a Habbo Club member could buy a board using Pixels - either way, for the real visual you would require the right Effect to be bought. Since the removal of Pixels, the Skateboard effect has been in and out of the Catalogue several times.

Surrounding the release of the new Skateboard and furniture line, a campaign was launched asking users whether Skateboarding or Roller blading was better which led to a major increase in the amount of users skating around, whether on a board or on boots. A quiz was also released with a badge available for those who got all answers correct. To win the final of the three possible badges introduced, users were asked to complete a Skateboarding maze and upon reaching the final room, a badge was issued to users. Skateboarding also graced users with two new Achievements to earn, each of which have a total of 20 levels. These Achievements require users to complete jumps and to slide along Skate Rails although reaching the top levels can be very challenging due to the amount of time required. Alongside all of these new badges and items of furniture, a new design on trophy was brought to the hotel also featuring a skateboard on the top and being available in gold, silver and bronze.


Rather than being their own separate category, these items make up a part of the Urban line.

Name Image
Skate Rail
Skate Ramp
Skate Platform
Concrete Patch
Concrete Wall
Spray Can Crate
Graffiti 1
Graffiti 2
Graffiti 3
Skate Trophies