Bot Races

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Bot Races
Number of players: Unlimited

Bot Races is one of the newest games on Habbo, it is very similar to Banzai Escape.

How to Play Players will select a bot to support by stepping onto the tiles next to the bot After the bot selection process is complete, the host will teleport the bots onto the banzai race arena and the bots will walk on the banzai race area until two of the three bots are teleported into the ‘safe’ zone. If your bot is within the safe zone, you are safe. The last remaining bots team is out. You are then teleported once again for bot selection. This format continues until the last two or three players in which, the first bot over there is declared the winner.

Bot Races was created by nic01e. nic01e is quoted saying her inspiration for the game creation came from watching Banzai Escape during HxSS, where spectators cheered and rooted for their fellow players. Her bot creations came from her humor and appreciation for memes.

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