Supermarket Sweep

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Supermarket Sweep
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Supermarket Sweep is a game on Habbo that is frequently hosted on Habbo. This game requires a good amount of players, preferably over 10, and the more players there is, the longer the game.

In the older version, the game would be played using furniture mottos/missions. When the Host said a motto/mission, the players were required to race to be the first person to stand on the Doormat/Tile in front of the item that had that motto/mission. The person who was stood on the Doormat/Tile could pick to kick another player from the game. This would continue until there was one player left and that remaining player was the winner.

Since the creation of this game, the furniture mottos have been removed, which resulted in the original version of the game not being able to be hosted anymore. However, a newer version of the game is now played where the Host says the item name rather than the motto/mission.

Quick Keywords

  • P2K - Pick to kick. This allows the winner of the round to pick another player to be kicked out of the game.