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Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Backstabber is a Habbo event which you rarely see being hosted. It involves clever gameplay to become the last Habbo standing. Once the game starts the host walks to each player one by one asking who they want to kill. Each player whispers the name of another player. Once all of the players have whispered a name, the host then moves the 'kill item' the required amount of spaces. For example, if [lawrawrrr] was voted 4 times to be killed, the kill item is then moved 4 squares towards the player. When the 'kill item' reaches a Habbo they are then made to exit the game. You continue this until you get 2 people remaining. Once this happens each person selects either odds or evens, to get your winner the host will roll the dice. For example, Absently chooses "even", host rolls the die, number 4 is shown, Absently wins the game.

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