Five Seconds To Kick

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Five Seconds To Kick
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

5 Seconds to Kick is a player-made game on Habbo. The game is similar in style to Falling Furni and allows as many players to play as the host wishes or requires. It works by a chair being dropped in a large playing area and the first player to sit on the chair gets rights in the room for 5 seconds and must try and kick as many players as possible.

How to Play

The host will let people into the game area until there is an efficient amount of players to play the game. After the host and the players are ready, the host will place a chair somewhere in the gaming area which the players must rush to be the first one to sit on. Once a player sits on the chair, the host gives them rights, giving the player the power to kick other users from the room. After the 5 seconds are up, the player's rights are removed and the chair is picked up. Users can kick as many other players as possible during their 5 seconds, although sometimes an alternative time can be substituted for 5 seconds such as 10 Seconds To Kick to accompany those who experience lag or cannot click a player quick enough. Usually, the players who don't have rights at the time run around so it becomes harder for the 'kicker' to kick players - although those with Habbo Club often use the :Chooser option.

The game continues until there are only a few players left, in which case the host usually asks the remaining players to form a square, tri or leave one space. This means the chair is equal distance from all of them, however, this is not necessary. Some players may even kick the remaining players against them, meaning that they are the automatic winner without having to use a tri or space.

Eventually, one player will remain, having kicked the other finalists, and they have then deemed the winner.


Popular tactics for 5 Seconds to Kick include;

  • Running in a pack with everyone else, so the chance of being kicked early on is lower.
  • Hiding behind any furniture which might be in the playing area.
  • Pretending to be idle so the kicker might not think you are a threat.
  • If you are HC, using the :chooser command to kick people more easily.