Jump The Fence

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Jump The Fence
Number of players: Unlimited

Jump The Fence is a type of User Made Game on Habbo. The aim of the game is to stand on a roller and the host quickly moves the roller to the other side of the fence when a player stands on it, or more recently sit on a seat using Wired furniture to be transported from the gaming area to the other side of the fence. Jump The Fence is regarded as being one of the "classic" games on Habbo, alongside Cozzie Change and Falling Furni.

How To Set Up

  • Using Dividers, divide the area into two sections - with the barrier being referred to as the "fence".
  • If you're using a Roller, you'll need to place the Roller in the gaming area when the game starts and quickly move it to the other side of the "fence" when someone steps on it.

WIRED Version (optional)

If you're using a seat then you'll need to set up the following WIRED,

  • WIRED Trigger: User Walks On Furni. Select the seat you'll be using for the players to sit on.

  • WIRED Effect: Teleport User To Furni. Select a seat on the other side of the fence so the players are teleported to the other side when they sit on the seat in the game.

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