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Release date: August 2000

Games are one of the most important aspects of Habbo and have been a source of entertainment since Habbo first began. The introduction of Rollers during the very first versions of Habbo helped to increase the diversity of games over the following years. Official games have been a prominent role in the development of Habbo, and many Badges, Pixel Effects and furniture items have been obtained via these official games (such as Battle Ball or Wobble Squabble). In contrast catalogue games tend just to provide various achievements. Other types of games usually just reward a user with Credits, Rares or other furniture items. There are five different types of games that are available to users:

Catalogue games are usually seen as the most recent addition, however in 2000-2001 users were able to purchase Tic-Tac-Toe and Chess Boards, similar to the corresponding games in the Cunning Fox Game Hall, from the catalogue. User made games have been a large part of Habbo throughout the years and were favoured greatly by Sulake Staff in-client. Many staff-hosted games have led to controversial issues, such as the incident regarding Disarno and the Army Sleeping Bag, which is partially why so few are hosted now. Some of the oldest user made games include Falling Furni, Cozzie Change and Quizzes.

Other prizes that have been given out in official/user made games include The Moodi Machine, the Ocean Sleeping Bag and the Yellow Sleeping Bag. However, these days betting games are usually the main method of obtaining more valuable prizes.