Team Races

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Team Races
Number of players: Unlimited

Team Races is a Habbo event, the aim of the game is to be the first full team to get back to the starting room. The entire team must be present in order for them to win, the game consists of four areas in front of a teleport and users must enter one. The area they choose will usually match a certain colour, (usually identified by Colour Tiles) and all team members will have to dress as this colour.

The host will then allow every team to enter their teleport, and they must race through the rooms to get back to the starting room first. The host can decide to award each member of the winning team a prize, or they may make the team split up and race again. The winner of that race would then receive a prize.

This game is not only seen as an event, but it is a common game to see within Mazes.

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