Nervous Game

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Nervous Game
Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Nervous Game is a popular game on Habbo which will test the player's nerves. When all players are seated and ready, the host will pick items from a fridge until they receive a carrot. As soon as the host picks a carrot, players must race to the seat in the middle. The host will place a die in front of the winning player, who will then roll the die. The number the player rolls will decide what happens.

Numbers And Correspondence

Number Rolled Corresponding Effect
1 The player will pick a player to leave the game
2 The player will pick 2 players to leave the game
3 The player rejoins the other players and is safe for the next round
4 The player is out of the game
5 The player loses and also picks another player to lose with them
6 The player will pick a whole row to leave the game

Quick Keywords

  • WH - The host will say WH before they get an item from the fridge to warn the players to be ready