Black Hole (Game)

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Black Hole
Number of players: Eight
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Black Hole (Game) is a type of Wired Game on Habbo and is occasionally hosted in Habbox Events. The aim of the game is to "trip" other players, thus making them fall onto a floor patch which is Wired to make them teleport out of the game. The name of the game stems from the fact that an ordinary person would not want to be "sucked into" a black hole in the real world, as well as not being "tripped into" a black hole in the virtual world.

How To Play

Once the game is full, the host will activate the Wired furniture and the game will begin. Players will have to move around the Rollers and try to trip other players up into the "black hole". Any player that lands on a floor patch (or a Random Banzai Teleporter) will automatically lose the game and be sent to the queue. The game continues until there is only one player standing.

If a player does not move around the area for a certain amount of time, they will be kicked by the host as this breaks the rules on "camping".

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