Costume Change

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Costume Change
Number of players: Unlimited (Usually around 6-10)
Also known as: Cozzie Change
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Costume Change, also known as Cozzie Change, is a game of skill and creativity that can be hosted on Habbo. There will be one round for every user playing. For example, if seven people were playing, then there would be seven rounds. Each round will start off with the host giving a theme. It is then the job of the playing users to change their look according to that theme. For example, if the host gave the theme of fruit then perhaps someone may dress as a strawberry.

When the players are done changing, they are to stand up away from their chair so the host knows they are ready to continue. Once a player is stood, they usually are unable to adjust their outfit from this point. Once everyone in the room has stood, the host will tell people to sit down. When the last two are standing, the host should ask those who are playing, and those who are watching, to pick their favourite. The player with the most votes is to sit down and the one with the least votes is now out. This continues on until there is one winner.

Theme Ideas

Fruit Vegetables Animals Disney Princesses
Ninjas Occupations Furni in room Cowboys
Mythical creatures Flags Gangster Hippies
Seasons Holidays Old people Movie characters
Celebrities Clowns Pirates Clones

Quick keywords

  • Double poof - This is where you change twice. Hosts usually warn players who double-poof because it isn't fair to other people who are playing. It is usually caused by them seeing another person's avatar and wanting to copy.