Shout It Out

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Shout it out
Number of players: Varies
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Shout It Out is a user-made game hosted on Habbo. It tests the player's quick thinking but also how fast they can type. The game will start with the players seated around the rollers. The host will pick a theme, such as colours or fruit, and place an item at the start of the rollers. As the item moves down the rollers, the players must shout out answers to the theme when the item is on the roller in front of them. If they say the answer after the items gone past them, or if they repeat an answer, they lose that round and are out of the game. The winner is the last player still in the game at the end.

Quick Keywords

  • NB - This stands for Next Bubble, and it means the host is about to say the theme for the round.