Hole in the Wall

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Hole in the Wall
Number of players: 2

Hole in the Wall is an player-made event on Habbo originally introduced in 2018. It is based off the popular TV series '''Hole in the Wall''', where players are presented with walls that have challenging holes to fit through, requiring them to duck, jump, and squeeze to get through. Composed entirely of wired, the event is often set up to function without a host.

The game is played with a partner. Once the game begins, an identical area to which you are stood is revealed, containing a collection of red tiles. You and your partner must step on the tiles not covered by a red tile on your side of the curtain. The red tiles will proceed to move into your area, and if you are not blocking any tiles, you will proceed to the next round. The speed at which the red tiles move from the second area will increase the longer you play meaning you and your partner will need to move increasingly faster. The game ends if any of the red tiles are blocked or stood on.

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