Simon Says

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Simon Says
Number of players: Unlimited
Also known as: <Host's Name> Says
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Simon Says is just like how you'd play Simon Says in real life. The aim of the game is to keep up with the host as they give you instructions. Each instruction that you must obey will start with the phrase "Simon says...". The host will try to trick the players by changing the opening phrase, for example, "5imon Says...", "S!mon Says...", "Simn Says...", "Simon Say...". If users obey the order that begins with the wrong phrase, they are out of the game. Some hosts decide to use chairs, whereas others do not. Popular activities of getting players to do would be dancing, sitting down and saying certain words or phrases. If you fail to respond correctly, for example, you react when they tricked you or you fail to respond when they use the correct phrasing, you'll be out of the game. These commands are continued to be given until there is one person left. If the game goes on for too long, the host may decide to cut it short by removing the last person to complete the command.

List of Activities

Here is a list of activities that Simon may ask the players to do.

Dancing Sitting on the floor Sitting on a (specific) chair Saying a phrase/word
Holding up a sign Wear a clothing item Face a certain direction Grab an item
Drop an item Go idle Smile Stand up

Quick Keywords

  • <Hosts Name> Says - This is the exact same except the host had decided to make their event more personalised.