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Players Choice is an modern Habbo game/event hosted by Habbos. The game includes many smaller mini games. The host will say 'PC' and the players pick a game to play. The players commonly pick games such as Falling Furni and Don't Hit My Wall although almost any game can be played.


The Host sets up an typical events room and lets between 6 to 14 players in the games area. When the host has the selected amount of players they will say, 'PC' (Players Choice). Then the players will nominate games and the highest picked game will be played.

How to Play

Players Choice isn't just one game but contains smaller games, this means they is lots of different ways to play different games. Here is a list of common games and how to play:

Alternative Use

Players Choice is more often played in Trivia and Quizzes rather than picking a game. It's used to decide which topic the next question will be about. There's a wide variety of them and the topics are often shortened down to Habbo Slang.

This sort of play is often used in Quizzes and Trivia Races but can also be incorporated into other games such as Telephrase.