Bumper Cars

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Bumper Cars
Number of players: 8

Bumper Cars is a game on Habbo that is occasionally played as a Habbox Event. This game requires around 8 players (the amount of players you need will be the same as the amount of chairs in the game area). Bumper Cars is very much like Trivia Races.

How to Set Up

You will need around 8 chairs (pods would be ideal), dividers and any other furniture that you feel is necessary. The pods start spaced out around the room (see the example image). You should rotate the chairs in the corners, as shown in the example image. It is a good idea to have a stickie in the room with a list of themes on. An example of how this stickie could look is shown on the left. This is a way of choosing themes. You would need a dice for this as you would have to roll the dice in order to pick a theme. As an alternative, you could let the players decide by saying nb which means next bubble and whichever theme is said in the next bubble would be the chosen theme.

How to Play

When the host asks questions, the first person to answer correctly will have the option of moving their chair forward, or rotate any way they like. The aim is to bump another chair (be next to it) and then the player in that chair is eliminated. The last person remaining is the winner.