Guitar Hero Game 1v1

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Guitar Hero Game 1v1
Silver king badge

Guitar Hero Game 1v1 was the eighth room included in the Games Hub campaign that Habbo launched in September 2012. The room was owned by Event ( (International) and it took the real life video game Guitar Hero and changed it into an automatic Habbo game. The game was made live once the barrier was removed in the Games Hub foyer and lasted a few hours before being locked and closed by Grecian9.

The room was rigged so that whoever said eventisking in the room could cheat and receive the prize badge straight away, staff noticed this thus blamed the owner Event for this and Grecian9 said he had ruined the fun - the room stayed locked until Event was online and available to remove the wired that made you get the badge. The badge that users could obtain was the "silver king" chess piece.