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Number of players: Unlimited
Habbox guide: Click here for guide

Telephrase is player-made game on Habbo that was created soon after the release of WIRED furniture. The host will set a keyword on the WIRED Trigger: User Says Keyword, for example, 'David Beckham', and then give a topic to the players, such as 'Footballers.' The players must guess until they guess the correct answer. When they do, they will be teleported to a closed-off area of the arena, meaning they are through to the next round. The last person remaining in the playing area is out and then the owner resets the keyword and introduces a new topic. If you shout out the correct answer, it will appear as if it was being whispered so that nobody else sees. This, therefore, eliminates any cheating. You have to type the answer exactly as the owner puts it, so incorrect spelling or typing errors will not be accepted. Sometimes the wired glitches and you may say the correct answer, but you won't get teleported.

Note: Capital letters do not affect the wired as when the keyword is set, it removes the capitals. Therefore, 'David Beckham' would be 'david beckham'. However, you may still use capitals if you wish, but they will not make any difference.

Quick keywords

  • NB - Next Bubble. This is said by the Host as a warning to players that the theme for the round will be said in their next speech bubble.