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Habbo Quests
Opened: 2013
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com
Owners: Dolphingirl99945
Website(s): HabboQuests
Twitter: HabboQuests

HabboQuests was founded in late 2013 by Habbo user Badge. The site is currently managed by the owners, Dolphingirl99945, Babycakes, kalesalad and Loses. HabboQuests was originally founded with the aim of creating guides on how to earn badges in Habbo. Habboquests was made an official fansite in March 2014, a status which they hold to this date.

The site has a staff of volunteers that encompasses many of the common fansite areas such as Habbo events, furni values, graphic design, and radio, however their main pull and focus remains the work of the news department. This includes new releases from Habbo but is largely made up of guides on how to attain the newest available badges, whether that's from rare/bundle purchases, Habbo staff-led events, or official fansite events. The latter of these are (on a rota with other official fansites) made by members of the HabboQuests builder team.