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Opened: 2020
Language: English
Hotel: Habbo.com


Owners: Tomi
Website(s): Fuusio
Twitter: Fuusio

Fuusio (Finnish for Fusion) is a fansite for Habbo.com and Habbo.fi. It became official on Habbo.com on August 29th 2020 after merging with HabboCreate. Pre-merger, Fuusio was an official fansite on Habbo.fi. Fuusio established and gained official status as a fansite on the Finnish hotel earlier in the year, in January 2020.

Notable site features


A feature that was a core feature of HabboCreate, the creations platform is included in Fuusio, where users can upload and share their builds, art and videos for the fansite community to view, like and comment on.

Trax archive

In December 2020, Fuusio launched a Trax archive where users can listen to and download every trax song created - with over 4 million entries.

Badge designers

Within their Habbo scanner, Fuusio include a Badge Designers section, where users can find out who designed official badges for different fansite events.