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The Gift Calendar or also known as Advent Calendar is a feature on Hotel View where Habbos can receive a free gift everyday. It's typically available in July and December every year during the Summer and Christmas campaigns. Although it has appeared during different months, including the March 2020 campaign.


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Christmas 2009

Main Article: Christmas 2009

The Advent Calendar for 2009 provided a set gift per day to each Habbo logging in - although many were actually community gifts and new releases that the entirety of Habbo could enjoy. There was no bonus prize for logging in for all 26 days as there had been with the Penguins of the previous year. Here are the gifts/releases that were added during Christmas 2009:

  • Day 1 - "Advent Calendar TV" given out
  • Day 2 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 3 - Christmas song (downloadable) released
  • Day 4 - Bears were placed into the catalogue
  • Day 5 - New Homepage Background given out
  • Day 6 - Poinsetta given out
  • Day 7 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 8 - Bauble given out
  • Day 9 - New Homepage Background given out
  • Day 10 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 11 - Snowman Base given out
  • Day 12 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 13 - New Pet Food added to the catalogue
  • Day 14 - Snow furniture went on discount
  • Day 15 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 16 - New "Tonga" game released
  • Day 17 - Pet Food went on discount
  • Day 18 - Terriers were placed into the catalogue
  • Day 19 - Country Fireplace given out
  • Day 20 - Bauble given out
  • Day 21 - Staff events were hosted throughout the day
  • Day 22 - Some furniture went on discount
  • Day 23 - Pigs were released into the catalogue
  • Day 24 - Stocking given out
  • Day 25 - New Homepage Sticker given out
  • Day 26 - Snowball Lantern given out.

Christmas Citadel

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For the 2016 Christmas Citadel campagin, a Christmas Advent calendar was launched, from which hotel guests would receive free daily gifts and potential prizes from Overflowing stockings.

The Advent Calendar returned from December 1st. Every day, Habbos could claim free Builders Club, Habbo Club, Duckets, Credits or a piece of furni. The furni was either Christmas furni from previous years, or exclusive #Elves.

Players could collect 10 Elves, which are listed below.

Name Image Available from
Sassy Elf Overflowing Stocking
Chubby Elf Overflowing Stocking
Singing Elf Overflowing Stocking
Frosty Elf Overflowing Stocking
Redhead Elf Advent Calendar
Wizard Elf Advent Calendar
Fake Santa Elf Advent Calendar
Singing Elf Advent Calendar
Greedy Elf Advent Calendar
Dopey Elf Advent Calendar

Winter Palace

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Similar to previous years, Habbo released an Advent Calendar where players could receive a gift every day from December 1st until December 25th. The gifts included Credits, Duckets, old Christmas furniture, Habbo Club or Builders Club and 8 new items released that were exclusive to the Advent Calendar. Habbo had even created some cute little new animal-themed advent calendar gifts especially for the year.

Name Image
Chubby Cat
Round Man
Pudding Pug
Circular Hamster
Boreal Mage
Winter Palace Guard
Little Inuit
Polar Elf

March 2020

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Valentines 2021

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March 2021

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Habbo Fashion Month

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Tropical Thailand

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Habbo Bioworld

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Ski Resort

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