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User Made Games refer to games that have been created and hosted by Habbo users. They are one of the oldest types of games (alongside Catalogue Games and Official Games) and have remained in hotels since 2001 (when guest rooms were introduced). Some User Made Games remain popular once they have been "created", but some tend to lose popularity quite quickly and/or become unplayable when major updates (e.g. Beta) in Habbo occur - Design A Room and Pressure being a few examples. Since the release of Wired furniture, the number of User Made Games has increased rapidly.

Sulake Staff members used to host these types of games when the Hotel Manager rank was still in effect. They often rewarded rares (occasionally unreleased rares) as prizes - such as the Army Sleeping Bag. Regular users don't tend to reward rares as prizes, but do offer Credits, furniture and sometimes Trophies (especially in mazes). Unfortunately, a risk with these types of games is that users are not guaranteed a prize if the host decides to scam the players.

There are over 40 different kinds of User Made Games and a few of the oldest ones include;