Diamond Dragon Lamp

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Diamond Dragon Lamp
Motto: A dragon representing good fortune
Release date: September 2012
Release price: 75 Credits and 15 Diamonds
Rare Values
Category: Super Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Union Jack Sofa
Next Release:
Diamond Throne

The Diamond Dragon Lamp is a Catalogue Rare that entered Hotels on Habbo internationally during the 28th September 2012. It was introduced into the Diamond Rares section of the catalogue alongside the Diamond Throne and the Monte Carlo rare items. The motto of the item is "A dragon representing good fortune."

In order to be able to purchase the item, users first had to purchase Credits using the Habbo.com/Credits page which was offering 1 Diamond per 5 Credits at the time. Once users had acquired 15 Diamonds and had an additional 75 Credits available - effectively 150 Credits altogether - they would be able to purchase the item.