Diamond Throne

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Diamond Throne
Motto: A throne of a thousand facets
Release date: 28 September 2012
Campaign: Jetset
Release price: 40 Credits and 8 Diamonds
Rare Values
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Diamond Dragon Lamp
Next Release:

The Diamond Throne entered Habbo Hotels internationally on 28th September 2012 in the Diamond Rares category, the Throne was introduced alongside the Diamond Dragon Lamp and Monte Carlo room background. It was available to purchase from the catalogue for 40 Credits and 8 Diamonds.

With the new currency of Diamonds, it was difficult to obtain eight to be able to purchase the Throne (as players needed to buy 40 Credits) thus the value appears higher than the Catalogue price due to this. The Diamond Throne appears ideal as a Seasonal Rare due to the colour and appears of it; it appears icy as opposed to the diamond it's meant to represent. In addition, it looks sharp to appear similar to icicles. With this, the rare may be worth more nearer the Christmas period. The furni is unique in the shape as it's unlike any other thrones on the game, it also doesn't look like a seat fully and could work as a centerpiece in a room too. Furthermore, the Throne has no armrests unlike the other furni deemed as a Throne.