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A Boosting Room

Boosting Rooms are rooms used to boost achievements quickly. These types of rooms have become popular on Habbo due to the increasingly fast way to receive badges, boost Achievement Scores and boost your Achievements in general. They require furni that gain you badges and Wired, once this is all set up, the player can then leave the screen for hours, come back and have received many badges! Achievements boosting is the method of using Habbo’s own systems and furni to gain achievement badges and achievement score automatically with little to no effort required. Achievements boosting is most certainly legal and in no way is it against the Habbo Way.

If you need to be away from the keyboard at certain times in Habbo while on a different window doing something else, you can always visit these rooms listed below. Open Habbo's navigator, type the word "Booster" under the tab "All Rooms". You may look up the owners mentioned below for these specific booster rooms.

Types of Boosters

  • The Ice Ice Baby and Roller Derby Raider achievements can be Combined with the Ice Tag Booster, Habbolympix Booster, Skate Booster and/or Battle Banzai Booster. Or as a standalone patch in the room.

All in one Booster

Contains all the elements described below

Banzai Booster

At a Banzai booster, Habbos can get Battle Banzai achievements easy and fast by just joining a team. Just like normal Battle Banzai, there has to be 2 players to actually achieve these badges. One player has to color tile(s) while another player has to join a different team then the one on the tile(s). If another player joins the same team of the one on the tile they will automatically gain achievements.

The most easy way is to place 1 Banzai area tile on the floor and stack 2 Random banzai teleports above it.

Football Booster

At a Football Booster, Habbos can get Football achievement fast and easy by just standing on a roller. A football booster mostly contains more then 5 Football Goals and Game balls or Banzai Pucks. This roller and the front ball or puck needs to be wired so a player automatically teleports back unto the Roller, while the balls or pucks return to their starting position.

Freeze Booster

Freeze boosters focus mainly on the game Freeze. The Freeze Player and Freeze Winner can be achieved here. The freeze booster is highly recommended to be combined with the earlier mentioned Battle Banzai booster, since winning Battle Banzai can also work on winning Freeze. It is much faster then a normal game of Freeze.

Freeze Fighter

Freeze Fighter can be a little bit harder to obtain. It requires, same as the next mentioned Freeze Power-upper, a auto-clicking program. A player need to freeze rival players to obtain this achievement. Most booster rooms has been wired so more colors can win, making it easier to get this achievement in a Boosting Room then in a normal game of freeze.

Freeze Power-upper

A Freeze Power-upper booster is a room or section in a boosting room that has been wired so Freeze blocks will continuously spawn. Note that a second habbo or alt is required with a auto-clicking program. The second habbo (or alt) needs to stand next to the arrows where the freeze blocks will spawn. Once the player is there an auto-clicker is needed to let that Habbo throw snowballs.

If these steps are correct, the Habbo that is achieving the Power-upper badge will walk a path while the then destroyed Freeze Blocks will spawn in front of the player.

Ice Tag Booster

An Ice Tag Booster is made so players will get the Blades of Glory achievement. A Tag Pole needs to be present in the room. A couple of Horse Jumps needs to be placed on top of Ice Skating patches and on top of the Horse Jumps seats needs to be placed. Since Habbos will automatically 'walk off' Horse Jumps, the player will walk to the next seat and so on. Note that the seats need to be rotated in the way the parkour goes, otherwise habbos will walk off.

Horse Booster

A Horse Booster is (mostly) a section in a boosting room where the Horse Jumping and Equestrian achievements can be obtained. It is a Horse Jump surrounded by barriers with a roller next to it. A Habbo needs to mount a Horse, which is mostly right next to it, and jump a couple of times over a second Horse Jump that is located near it. When doing this correctly, the Habbo can go over to the roller next to the Horse Jump that is surrounded by walls and the Horse will automatically jump.


If the Habbo made an excellent jump over the second Horse Jump (Stars will be shown) and then go unto the Horse Jump the Equestrian Achievement can be obtained. Equestrian achievements can only be obtained if the Horse makes perfect jumps without breaking the Horse Jump.

Skate Booster

* Note that by the time you're reading this the information can be outdated, since the achievement badges have been removed, but can still be obtained.

Skate Boosters are skate rails with banzai pucks on top of them to boost the Skateboard Jumper and Skateboard Slider achievements. Players who are in a Skate Booster will follow a certain path the owner made) and automatically gain the achievements.

The Skate Booster can be combined with Battle Banzai.

Habbolympix Booster

* Note that by the time you're reading this the information can be outdated, since the achievement badges have been removed, but can still be obtained.

A Habbolympix Booster is a section in a Boosting Room where the Habbo-Lympix Achievements can be obtained. Just like the Freeze Booster, this can be combined with Battle Banzai or be wired so Habbo's teleport to another machine every few minutes.

Popular Boosting Rooms

Boosting rooms come in many sizes and many variations of activities to gain achievements. Here are some good boosting rooms you can explore while you are on a different window or website and want to leave your character in Habbo.

  • -[MB]- AFK Fast Boost [MOCKbox] jobspaysrollerskateshop ~ Owned By: jessijames
  • All-In-One AFK Booster jobparty ~ Owned By: Clatter
  • 24/7 Habbo Gym Booster afkwiredbanzaifreezetagsk ~ Owned By: Pippyspot
  • Luvrok's AFK-All Around-Booster ~ Owned By: luvroks
  • AFK Multi Booster 24/7 Gym jobsmazeshopgiveawayfridge1c ~ Owned By: AmiAmi
  • 1 SEC FAST BOOST BANZAI FREEZE SKATE coinshopcafeafk ~ Owned By: Rovz
  • BEST MULTI BOOSTER ON HABBO shoppartyrarepets1cjobbanzai ~ Owned By: emoyatharth
  • Tiny Booster x ~ Owned By: Kawah


Achievements & Badges you receive after being in a booster room are: