Trading Pass

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The amount of levels achieved will be shown in the green ribbon

Trading Pass is an achievement category that was new to Habbo 2020. The completion of achievements within this category is necessary for players to be able to access features such as the marketplace.



This achievement is gained by completing the Tutorial category of achievements.

Noob Curiosity

For this achievement, players need to spend a total of 120 minutes (2 hours) logged into the hotel.


Remaining a member of, and returning to, the hotel for 3 days will complete this achievement for players.

Friendly One

This achievement is relates to Star Gems, and requires a Habbo to gives 2 Star Gems to other Habbos to complete it, thus costing 2 Duckets.

Room Raider Junior

Similar to the Room Raider achievement, this achievement is dependent on the number of rooms visited. The Room Raider Junior achievement is completed by visiting 20 rooms that do not belong to you.

Level Jumping

This achievement is completed by reaching Level 6.

Nice to Meet

Adding two other Habbos to your friends list will complete this achievement.