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Opened: 2004 - Present
Website: Facebook
Country: USA

Facebook is a global social networking site. It was first opened to the public in February 2004. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates, with help from computer specialists. On Facebook you are able able to join groups, add friends, play games, create events, like pages, create pages, watch videos, view the marketplace and also chat with people through Facebook Messenger.

Habbo's Use

Habbo uses Facebook to post updates, these updates could be a new campaign, new clothing, new LTD, new rares, new furni range, new exclusive item, official badge event, competition or any other general information. Another alternative Habbo use is Twitter.

In 2012 Habbo released a function that allowed users to connect to Habbo using their Facebook account. Originally, when you signed up to Habbo via Facebook you would gain +10 achievement points and a pair of Santa's fireplace teleports. From February 2012 you would no longer be able to gain these extra rewards.

The pixel art Sulake used when they announced their new feature

Habbox's Use

Habbox once used Facebook to keep the community involved and provided it with updates and other information.

As a reward for liking Habbox on Facebook, you can apply to receive a Habbox Forum Award.

You can visit the Habbox Facebook page by clicking here.