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Fridge Game
No. of players: Unlimited
Also known as: Don’t Get A Carrot
Guide: Click here for guide

Fridge Game, also known as Don't Get A Carrot is an extremely common Habbo game due to its easiness to host. All you need is some chairs and a fridge. Each player will take turns getting an item from the fridge. If a drink is selected, the player is safe. If ice cream is selected, the player can pick to kick another player. If a carrot is selected, the player is out. Where there are two players remaining, the first to get a carrot is out and the other player wins the game.

There are many alternative versions of the game. It is also known as Don't Get A Carrot which still requires Habbos to avoid getting a carrot but does not use a P2K item. Other items that give random items to Habbos can also be used instead of a fridge. It can also be set up as a Banzai Fridge Game where the person selects who to kick by stepping on a banzai.

Quick Keywords

  • P2K - Pick to kick. It allows the player to choose a player to be kicked out of the game. This is usually the result of getting ice cream.

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