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Safer Internet Day (SID) Campaigns are commonly done inside Habbo to raise awareness of online safety. It is related to a global campaign by the Safer Internet Day Organisation and held in February. Topics go from cyberbullying to social networking and each year the campaign aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns.


Together for a Better Internet









This year we'll celebrate SID's 20th edition by continuing working together to help raise awareness on different safety issues. No matter where you are, you can celebrate the day and play a part in creating a safer and better Internet for everyone.spromo_SID2023

Starting February 07th we’ll celebrate Safer Internet Day the best way we know how: playing games and collecting prizes! Big thanks to our builders for helping us create the games!

Make sure to keep an eye out for them and don't miss out on the chance to collect new badges and a brand new coloured SID plushie.



We’re traversing the virtual cosmos on a mission to rescue the internet from the clutches of one notorious villain: the malevolent Deepfake. Don your digitalspromo_sid2024 superhero cape, unleash your meme-tastic powers, and join forces with a squad of chronically online comrades to safeguard the virtual world from evil.

In this pixelated battleground, where memes clash and GIFs dance, your ultimate weapon against the Deepfake is not just a joystick or a keyboard – it's knowledge! Whether you're a seasoned cyberwarrior or a novice in online etiquette, the only way to conquer the Deepfake is by arming yourself with insights on cyberbullying to outsmart the trolls with your wisdom. So, brush up on your digital ethics, wield your intellect, and let the battle for a safer internet begin!