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Habbo Campaigns are released every month onto the hotel, campaigns can sometimes include a new furniture line, clothing, crackables, crafting system, credit furni, LTDS, they mostly always include new rares, room bundles and always have games on the hotel were you can win exclusive badges.

Over the years Habbo have released many campaigns, currently there are:

List Of Habbo Campaigns

Name Image Release Date
Back to School Again thumb September 2022
Fantasy Village thumb August 2022
Fossil Hunting thumb July 2022
K-Town thumb June 2022
Magical Laboratory thumb May 2022
Habbo Bioworld thumb April 2022
March 2022 thumb March 2022
Van Life thumb February 2022
January 2022 thumb January 2022
Habbo Fashion Week thumb March 2014
Habbo Express thumb December 2021
January 2014 thumb January 2014
Bubblejuice Brewery thumb November 2021
Spirits of Japan thumb October 2021
Mushroom Month thumb September 2021
Vaporwave Vibes thumb August 2021
Habbo Pride Festival thumb July 2021
Habbo Party Boat thumb July 2016
Tropical Thailand thumb June 2021
Habbo World Cup 2014 (Campaign) thumb June 2014
Curious Antiques thumb May 2021
Habbo Fashion Month thumb April 2021
January 2018 thumb January 2018
March 2021 thumb March 2021
Valentines 2021 thumb February 2021
New Year 2021 thumb January 2021
Enchanted Winter Forest thumb December 2020
November 2020 thumb November 2020
Neo-Habbo Revisited thumb September 2020
Impossible House thumb October 2020
Habbo 20 thumb July 2020
Indian Palace thumb June 2020
Alpine Heights thumb April 2020
TV Studio (Furniture Line) thumb November 2011
New Year 2020 thumb January 2020
Winter Palace thumb December 2019
Winter Horizon thumb November 2019
Witches' Coven thumb October 2019
Sunlight City thumb August 2019
Pride thumb July 2019
Bohemian Festival thumb June 2019
Ancient Greek thumb May 2019
Fairytale Easter thumb April 2019
New Year 2015 thumb January 2015
New Year 2019 thumb January 2019
Seaside Town thumb July 2017
Friendship Fusion thumb March 2018
Hospital Drama thumb November 2016
Zen Garden thumb September 2018
Summer 2018 thumb July 2018
Outer Space thumb May 2017
Coral Kingdom thumb June 2018
Habbo in the House thumb May 2018
American Prairie thumb November 2017
Movie Madness thumb April 2018
Easter Garden thumb March 2018
Valentine's 2018 thumb February 2018
Victorian Christmas thumb December 2017
Cursed Caves thumb October 2017
Farm thumb April 2017
Superheroes thumb May 2016
HabboLympix thumb August 2012
China Town thumb 2012
Tropical Xmas thumb December 2014
Pirates thumb August 2013
Jurassic Habbo thumb June 2015
Health Spa thumb February 2014
Habbo Palooza thumb 2013
Xmas Castles thumb December 2012
Jetset thumb September 2012
New Years 2010 thumb December 2010
Mad Science thumb October 2008
New Year 2011 thumb December 2011